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The Department of Housing and Environment, Government of Madhya Pradesh

Appealate Authority:

Shri S.N.Mishra, IAS, Pricipal Secretary

Room No 210



Public Information officer:

Shri Ramesh.S.Thete , Deputy Secretary

Room No 138



Asstt Public Information officer

Shri Ashok Kumar Malviya, Under Secretary

Room No 302-D


Department Name : Town and Country Planning

Appelate Authority: Shri Gulshan Bamra , Director

Public Information Officer: Shri P.D.Sahu,Joint Director

Asstt Public Information Officer: Ms.Sunita Singh, Deputy Director


Department Name : Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation

Appelate Authority: Shri Gulshan Bamra, IAS , Executive Director

Public Information Officer: R.P Singh,Senior Reasearch Officer

Asstt Public Information Officer:Dr U.M..Shukla,Senior Research Officer and Rajendra Singh, Administrator Officer


Department Name :M.P. Housing Board

Appelate Authority:Shri Dhanjay Singh , IAS

Public Information Officer: U.A.Kavishar,Additional Commissioner

Asstt Public Information Officer:http://www.mphousing.in/NewMPHB/rit/rit.aspx

Department Name : M P Pollution Control Board

Appelate Authority:Dr.N.P Shukla , Member Secratary

Public Information Officer:Shri R.K.Shrivastava,Superitendant Engineer

Asstt Public Information Officer: http://www.mppcb.nic.in/pdf/Chapter8.pdf

Department Name :Disaster Management Institute

Appelate Authority: Dr. Rakesh Dubey ,Director

Public Information Officer: Shri Sudheer Dwivedi,Deputy Director

Asstt Public Information Officer: Shri G.P Agarwal,Acountant



Department Name : State Institute for Town Planning

Appelate Authority:Shri Gulshan Bamra IAS ,Director

Public Information Officer:Shri Rajesh Nagal , Joint Director

Asstt Public Information Officer: Shri B.P Pathak, Asstt Director


Department Name : Capital Project Administration

Appelate Authority: Shri S.N.Mishra, IAS, Principal Secretary

Public Information Officer:Shri A.C.Ahirwar, S.E

Asstt Public Information Officer: Shri Ajay Shrivastava,A.E


Note: For More Updated Information visit the respective sites

MP Town & Country Planning

The main functions are, preparation of Town Development Plan , Review Evaluation and Modification of existing Development Plan, Preparation of Regional Development Plan, 



EPCO is one of the first organizations to foresee the importance of conducting advanced studies on environmental impact assessment and environmental conservation. By undertaking pioneering work in EIA’s and environmental conservation it prepared the State to address the environmental concerns that were emerging nationally and globally. http://www.epco.in

M.P. Housing Board 

An IS/ISO 9001:2000 organization of Government of Madhya Pradesh, engaged in business of development & construction of housing colony and commercial complexes for all sections of society


Disaster Management Institute

The leading organizations in the country,  which has attained substantial credibility in imparting professional training and conducting consultancy services on natural and man-made disasters management.


M.P. Pollution Control Board

The Important functions of the Board under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, (Section 17) are



State Institute for Town Planning

Provide a forum for the Urban Local bodies and other developmental agencies to provide technical expertise, technical guidance in project management, study and research backup through consultancy services.

Capital Project Administration

Established for Planned development, beautification and conservation of environment of the Capital, the Capital Project Administration


Rajya Karmachari Awas Nigam 



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Department of Housing & Environment, Madhya Pradesh